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The most important element of our dog grooming is the well being of your pet.

The Barkmobile is a State-Of-The-Art Mobile Dog Grooming Salon that comes to you and is designed to make your pets grooming experience as pleasant and stress free as possible. We use the latest grooming techniques and newest technology in equipment and products available. We provide one on one attention that a storefront Grooming Salon can't give.

The Barkmobile's Policy is to treat every dog as if it were our own in the most caring way for the dog to have a great grooming experience (and they get a treat when done if mom or dad say it's ok :)

We prefer to take our time and be gentle with the dog rather then rush through the process, 

 Our goal is to provide you with a well educated groomer that you will be comfortable with to take care of your pet, in an enjoyable, minimally stressed "Mobile Spa"  experience and to get it clean and looking great in a safe, sanitary environment. 

With mobile grooming, convenience for the client is usually the reason for our existence as a business.  Many of our clients do not have to be home when we come once they are on a repeating, regular schedule with us that we provide for them each year. It makes for a little extra freedom in the life of a dog owner




About Us

Fine Grooming


 Pets certainly know when they are clean and looking good. Well-groomed pets are happier, better behaved, healthier, and more outgoing. Just like all of us, they feel good when they look good. A good groom will bring out the best of appearance and personality in any breed. We work carefully, to do that for your pup, never rushing, and taking great care when working on your pet.

For over 10 years, we have been serving the pets and families of our business areas. We love caring for and connecting with animals and creating everlasting relationships. We treat your furry family members as if they were our own, and ensure that they receive the highest quality care while they are with us. Their happiness and safety is our priority and we strive to provide a service we would want our own pets to receive. When the grooming session is over, your dog will look  healthier and more colorful and will feel great and smell terrific! 




There are many variables in mobile dog grooming that determine the pricing. Every dog is individual and has different needs. 

 Therefore there is no set pricing for fine grooming that can be quoted ahead of time.  We use our pricing menu as a guide as to what it should cost for a normal grooming session which we can email to you upon request.    

 Our pricing is based on the dog's size,  breed, type of haircut if needed, 

 de-knotting/de-matting or  de-shedding if needed and time involved, which can all vary from dog to dog, so  it is impossible to know what is involved until we have groomed the dog at least once.  

We think you will find our pricing quite reasonable and competitive for the service we provide. 


The Grooming Session



The Basic Service 

This basic service is where all groomings start. The following is what is included in the base price for all the dog categories: 

  • A Few Minutes of relaxing actual Message Therapy  (for the dog, not the groomer :~) the groomer has been trained and certified for this.
  • Hydro-jet Warm Water Message Bath
  • Premium all natural shampoos are used 
  • A Hair Conditioning Treatment based on the skin & coat is done. 
  • Hand Towel drying & 
  • High Velocity Forced Air  Drying 
  •  a Total Body Skin Scan 
  • The pads are trimmed
  • Nails  are electric rotary filed
  • Ears are cleaned 
  •   The hair is trimmed around: 
    • the Paws
    • the Ears
    • any loose ends
    • The potty and private areas

     Some dogs only need the above 


     (These would be No Haircut Breeds)

     But  others


     each time they are groomed  (ie.poodles, doodles, cockers,

     bichons, shih- tzus etc.).

     Custom Service

     ( All haircut dogs )   

    This service consists of all the above, plus a FULL HAIRCUT from nose to tail. From puppy cuts to breed standard cuts or client request. You and the groomer can decide exactly how you want your pet to look and how long or short the hair should be. We will work hard to give your pet the look you want that will assuredly bring out the essence of its personality. This is done using the expertise and recommendations of the groomer along with your input and a very sharp scissors and/or clippers and can be taken to an artistic level. This Service has an additional charge to the basic fee. 

about jeff, our groomer


 Our Groomer Jeff , is a huge dog lover first and foremost .You will find that out instantly from the moment he greets your dog.  For many years he worked in the pro and consumer audio/video industries as well as being an active performing and recording musician, but for some reason he found himself always curious about dog grooming. Working his way through being one of the top a/v salesmen in the country for several well known companies, to doing custom installations, to store management & project management and consulting, he found whenever he  was in a client's house that had a dog, for some reason, the dogs were always trying to sit on his lap while he did his work, So he thought maybe dogs were actually his calling. 

  He decided to do a complete career reboot, ended his 25 years in the A/V  business, took a chance and went to dog grooming school. From day one there he realized that was going to be his new career.  Over 11,000 dog grooming sessions later, he is still loving the career change and will tell you, "it was the best thing I ever did, next to meeting my wife while on tour overseas with my band" . 

  Jeff  stay's on top of all the newest grooming techniques by attending  Grooming trade shows and conferences 2-3 times a year to further his grooming education.  He has received multiple certifications in subjects such as Skin and Coat Care from the International Society of Canine Cosmetologists (ISCC),   canine  CPR and triage training from "Pet-tech" The national pet safety and first aid organization,  as well as from the International Professional Groomers Association (IPG),  and also has trained in Pet Aroma & Message Therapy. He continues to repeat trainings and certification classes every year in dog first aid, dog medical issues and dog cpr .  We don't think you will ever meet anyone that loves dogs (all animals) more than Jeff and treats every single one as if it were his own.

Real testimonials

  • Jeff,   Fantastic job it's the best cut he's ever had!  He even prances around  with his head held high - look at me! -  CJ's mom,  New Haven

  • Perfect June will be home waiting for Jeff. Please tell Jeff that we LOVED June’s hair cut  last time, everyone  complimented her.  Thanks, Alexandra  C.,  Darien

  • Hi Jeff.
    I can’t  tell you how much I love her haircut!  She gets compliments daily,
    from even  the Fed.Ex. guy!
    It’s so cute.  Alison O., Darien

  • We are all very, very happy with Odin's hour in the spa.  We will see you in  six weeks, .  Thanks so much Jeff for taking us on.  It is so  much more pleasant.  Andrew H., Westville

  •  Just wanted to say that we loved the experience and Sedona has been napping  since you left.  Your vehicle was immaculate and  we appreciate the fact that you can just focus on our dog without having to put her through the  stress of being put into a cage and having to wait to be on an "assembly line" like other groomers do.  She  looks great and is happy. Thank you. Barbara C.,  Guilford

  • Jeff, I can't wait to see how he looks with a short "artistic" cut in the  summertime. Thank you again. It is so difficult to find a groomer who not only does a  great job but is so kind and gentle with an important member of our  family. Nadia C. , Stamford